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Exams and Bachelor

In order to issue the Bachelor in Performing Arts, as provided for in Article 11 of Presidential Decree 212/2005, the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro has adopted the following Study Plan:
• During the three years the students must pass all theoretical, theoretical/practical and practical exams related to the specific subjects of the year. The evaluation is expressed in thirtieths with possible “laude”. The exam is considered passed with a minimum evaluation of 18/30.
• Student pass to the following year, after having acquired the necessary frequencies, supported all the exams and participated in all the tests and the shows, and having achived 60 Academic Training Credits.
• The duration of the three-year course includes the acquisition of 180 Academic Training Credits as follows:
The Academic Programs of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro are structured in mainly practical lessons and theoretical lessons to support academic training.

Totale crediti attività di base e caratterizzanti Totale crediti formativi accademici del triennio

Exams and exemptions 1st year (60 ATC)

  1. Voice education, emission techniques and diction
  2. Dramatic reading and expressiveness
  3. Neutral mask
  4. Tragic monologue - Modern drama
  5. Ancient tragedy: ritual, poet, narrator, coryphaeus
  6. Dramaturgy, narratology and scenic writing
  7. Storytelling techniques
  8. Original writing: oriental and western tales and fables
  9. Mime, white pantomime - Narrator / mimic
  10. Interpretative techniques of characterization: Basel masks
  11. Anthropology of the gesture: original writing
  12. Construction of the character in the theater of author / Study of the contra-character
  13. Acting: Movie - Tv acting
  14. Make up and Design of the theatrical costume
  15. Improvisation techniques
  16. Poetic recitation and verse
  17. Dance Theatre and body expression
  18. Music and singing

Exams and exemptions 2nd year (60 ATC)

  1. Breathing techniques and vocal interpretation
  2. Acting in English
  3. Acting on musical score
  4. Feldenkrais Method - Elements of contemporary dance
  5. Acrobatics and martial arts
  6. Masks, jokes and soliloquies of the Commedia dell'arte
  7. History of the show and directing - History of cinema
  8. Text analysis
  9. Film writing
  10. Writing for puppetry
  11. Parody of the buffoon
  12. Shakespeare: monologue and dialogue
  13. Acting - Film Recitation and New Media
  14. Elizabethian Theater, verses and prose
  15. The comic phenomenon: Study of the "gag" and "dysfunction"
  16. Scenic report techniques

Exams and exemptions 3rd year (60 ATC)

  1. History of Mime, Dance and Music
  2. History of Art and scenic architecture - Manipulation of travelling scenography
  3. Theater and visual arts - Surrealist choreography
  4. Characters of modern comedy
  5. The avant-gardes of the 1900
  6. Physical Training Didactic - Sequences of pictorial works
  7. Vocal Training Teaching - Choral singing
  8. Custom satire: characters, situations
  9. Elements of Theatrical Pedagogy
  10. Design of the stage action and direction of the actor
  11. Organization, entertainment legislation, promotion and production, stage regulation


The final exams presented to the Examining Commission consist of the following tests:

  • Theoretical test: presentation of the original written diploma thesis
  • Practice Test: presentation of a performative practice test.

The final evaluation is at the discretion of the College of Professors and will take into account the student’s entire course of study: time and method of learning, credits and evaluations acquired, creative and performative activities, final exam, as well as any other element considered relevant. At the end of the three-year course the Bachelor in Performing Arts will be issued.

The professional opportunities allowed are those that concern the skills acquired in the three-year period of study:

1. Actor / performer (theatrical and cinematographic)
2. Director (live, cinematographic and audiovisual show)
3. Scriptwriter (theatrical and cinematographic)
4. Theater teacher
5. Promoter of the cultural and entertainment sector

In order to take the final examination of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro, it is necessary to take part at 80% of the total teaching hours of the acting course. The structure and definition of the system of training credits related to the acting exams follows the Directives indicated by Presidential Decree 212/05 for the achievement of the Bachelor in Performing Arts.