A.Y. 2018/2019
Accademie Recitazione Dir. 2013/55/UE

Introductory course for admission at the

Introductory course 8th/18th of October 2018

The aspiring students, divided into different sections, will participate in the Introductory Course from Monday 8 th to Thursday 18 th October. The introductory course is aimed at preparing the admission tests for the Bachelor in Performing Arts. The aspiring students will compare themselves with the teachers of different disciplines: movement, voice, acting, diction and history of the theater, that will support them in the preparation of the admission tests on October 18 th.

Lessons and Rehearsal

The lessons from 8 th to 13 th October and the rehearsal from 15 th to 18 th October provide a commitment of 3/6 hours a day, take place at different times for each section and are still included in the following time slot:
• from 9.00 am to 20.00pm

The specific lesson times of each section will be communicated to the aspiring students before the beginning of the course and may undergo variations and expansions as a result of specific educational needs. The Lessons and Admissions Tests to Accademia Internazionale di Teatro will take place in one of the following locations:
- Teatro Anfitrione - Via San Saba, No. 24 – Rome
- "Circo Massimo" Didactic Center - Via Valle delle Camene n ° 1 / b – Rome
- "Latina" Didactic Center - Via Latina n ° 232 / a - Rome

Regulation of the Introductory Course

- The texts (downloadable below) must be learned by heart by 10 th October.
- No more than two absences are allowed.
- Students can be entered in the Preparatory Course by and no later than 10 th October 2018, in this case no absences are allowed.
- Students must report any absences by telephone.
- In the event of a delay of more than 10 minutes, the next hour is entered.
- Remember to sign the attendance register every day at the beginning of the lessons.
- Use comfortable clothing, tied hair, anti-slip socks or rhythmic shoes.
- It is absolutely forbidden to keep mobile phones switched on during lessons.


Admission Test

The admission tests to the Academy will take place on October 18 th 2018 from 11.00 to 20.00 in the presence of the Examining Commission. The Examination Commission, appointed by the Director of the Academy, establishes the procedures for the assignment of votes for the admission to the 1st year of the Bachelor in Performing Arts. The judgment of the Examining Commission is unquestionable. Candidates must present themselves for admission tests with a valid identity document. For Candidates from Introductory Course the following admission tests are foreseen:

1) Dialogue in Italian from "Aspettando Godot" by S. Beckett, “Questo è il tuo problema” by H. Pinter, “La Cantatrice calva” e “Il Re Muore” by E. Ionesco. “Monologo di Re Bérenger I”, “Monologo della Regina Marguerite” from “Il Re Muore” by E. Ionesco. (download)
2) Poem in Italian from Non vorrei crepare” by B. Vian, “Spegni i miei occhi” by R. Rilke, “Ritornello per piangere” by J. Tardieu e “Noi due” by P. Eluard.
3) Expressive dramatic movement test on musical base.
4)Vocal expressiveness test: song sung on a musical base or vocal improvisations.

On the 19th of October 2018 the result of the Competition Announcement A.Y. 2018/2019 will be exhibited by posting on the Academic Register in the "Circo Massimo" didactic center of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro.

On the 20th and 22th of October 2018 during office hours, admitted students will have to do all the administrative papers for enrolment.
Lessons of the Academy will start on Tuesday 29th of October 2018.

After October 10th, the Admissions to the International Theater Academy - Rome School of Acting for aspiring student actors, will take place with the admissions modalities for privatists (see Admissions section Privatisti Theater Academies - Academies Acting - Schools Theater Rome). As in the best Acting Schools, the Examination Committee is present at the theater for admission tests at the Academy and is nominated by the Director of the International Theater Academy (Theater Academies - Academies Acting - Theater Schools), among the teaching managers of the International Theater Academy - Theater School, among the internal teachers of the Theater School itself and the experts of the sector. (Theater Academies - Acting Academies - Rome Theater Schools).