Admission tests
A.Y. 2020/21 - Academy of Theater MIUR-AFAM

Admission requirements

The Competition Announcement for admission to the Bachelor in Performing Arts of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro is open to all Italian and foreign citizens, with a regular residence permit, who have completed eighteen years of age and that meet the following requirements:
- Qualification of Secondary High School (five-year) or equivalent foreign Diploma translated according to current legislation.
- Perfect knowledge of the Italian language, which will be verified by the Exam Commission during the Admission Test.
- Perfect state of physical / mental health adequate to the frequency of all the teachings, the laboratories and the activities foreseen by the Academy's Ordination.
- Registration and attendance to other University Courses are not allowed during the three-year course of study, therefore, in case of admission to the 1st Academic Year, the student will have to produce a regular application for freezing or renouncing studies.
- Following the rules established for the university system (Article 11 Presidential Decree 212/05 Acting Academy - Academies of Theater AFAM), access to the International Theater Academy does not provide for age limits. However, for admission purposes, being under the age of 28 will be considered a positive requirement.

Registration and Documentation

To take part in the admission tests the Candidate must personally present, at the Didactic Secretariat of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro (via Valle delle Camene 1/b - Rome), the "Application Form" for the "Competition Announcement A.Y. 2020/2021" starting from Monday, September 14th 2020. This procedure can take place at the same time as the Aptitude Test and Interview.
The following documentation must be attached to the application:

- Qualification of Secondary High School, also in self-certification, containing the name of the Institute, its address, the school year of achievement and the final vote. Other whise an equivalent foreign Diploma translated according to current legislation.
- Curriculum Vitae, accompanied by curricular, professional and artistic titles, in self-certification.
- Copy of fiscal/tax code and of a valid I.D. document.
- Personal or parents income tax return or ISE (or self certificate valid until Dec. 2020)
- N.4 photographs: 2 recent card format, 1 in the foreground, 1 full-size.
- Payment of admission fee.

Those who have passed the admission tests must complete the enrollment procedures at the Academy, fill in the appropriate application and acceptance of the Institute Regulations, and attach:

- Certified Anamnestic of good health, attesting the suitability for carrying out the academic activities.
- Authorization to publish and use your image in accordance with current legislation on the protection of privacy.

Admission to the course

The application form for the "A.Y. 2020/21" is issued at the Academic Secretariat of the Academy in via Valle delle Camene 1/b - Rome (Didactic Secretariat) at the same time as the Aptitude Test and Interview.

Admission Tests
  • Application Form: from 14th September 2020
  • Aptitude Test and Interview: from 18 th September to 17 th October 2020
  • Performing Tests: October 28 th 2020
Performing Tests
  • Dramatic Interpretation: Dialogue or Monologue
  • Poem
  • Expressive dramatic movement
  • Vocal expressiveness : sing or vocal skills

Admission for students

The Performing Tests will be presented at Teatro Anfitrione- Via di San Saba 24- Roma and will consist in the following presentations:

• Teatro Anfitrione - Via di San Saba n ° 24 - Rome
• "Circo Massimo" teaching center - Via Valle delle Camene n ° 1 / b - Rome
• "Latina" teaching center - Via Latina n ° 232 / a - Rome

Stage 1 - Aptitude Test and Interview
• Individual Aptitude Test and Interview to be reserved by phone, between 18th September and 17th October, starting from the 14th of September 2020 during office hours.
Stage 2 - Introductory Course
• Participation in a practical experimentation period of ten days from 19th to 28th October 2020, with 3/6 hours class a day. The ten days of training are divided in the following way: six days of class, three days of rehearsal, one day dedicated to Performing Tests at theatre on 28th October 2028.
Candidates who are unable to attend the Introductory Course will have to independently prepare the Performing Tests and present themselves as Privatists on 28th October 2020.
Stage 3 - Performing Tests 28 October 2020
The admission exam will be prepared during the ten days of training with the supervision of teachers and will consist in the following presentations:
1) Dialogue in Italian from “Il Calapranzi”, “Guai in fabbrica”, “Questo è il tuo problema” by H. Pinter,“Delirio a due” by E. Ionesco. Or Monologue in italian: “Monologo di Re Bérenger I”, “Monologo della Regina Marguerite” from “Il Re Muore” by E. Ionesco. (download)
2) Poem in Italian from “Aria Viva” by P. Eluard, “Non vorrei crepare” by B. Vian, “La Peste” by A. Camus or “Ritornello per piangere” by J. Tardieu.(download)
3) Expressive dramatic movement test on musical track.
4) Vocal expressiveness test: to sing on a musical track or vocal skills.

Candidates must present themselves for admission tests with a valid identity document.
Candidates are recommended a black clothing, suitable for the tests to be sustained.
Candidates must know the tracks and scenes proposed by heart.
The examining committee, nominated by the Director of the Academy, establishes the modalities for the allocation of marks. The judgment of the examining commission is unquestionable.
At the end of the admission tests, the result of the Competition Announcement A.Y. 2020/2021 will be exhibited by posting on the Academic Register in the "Circo Massimo" didactic center. Those who have passed the admission tests must complete the enrollment procedures at the Academy by Monday 2nd November 2020.The lessons will begin on Monday, November 9th 2020


Academic Associative fees 1st Year A.A. 2020/2021

The Academic Associative Fees will be paid in two solutions:


    by November 2nd, 2020

    by December 22, 2020 based on ISE income

ISE from € 0 to € 16.000


ISE from € 16.000 to € 35.000


ISE from € 35.000 to € 48.000


ISE over € 48.000


International Theater Academy Admission

For the purposes of admission to the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro, whose educational path is in line with the best Acting Academies in Italy and with institutions recognized by AFAM, it is important that the students of the acting course have a good literary culture, read, go to the theater and attend the auteur cinema; they should be able to work in a group, to compare ideas, opinions and criticism. The listening attitude, the flexibility in the approach and in the creative choices to know how to put oneself into play by making one's talent emerge through a patient, tenacious and passionate work, is fundamental in the field of theater and entertainment. The definitive admission to the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro takes place at the discretion of the Teaching Council.