Admission Requirements

The Admission Announcement for the Three-Year Acting Course at the International Theatre Academy, Rome School of Acting, is open to all Italian and foreign citizens, with a regular residence permit, who are at least eighteen years old and who possess the following requirements:

  • High School Diploma (five years) or an equivalent foreign diploma translated according to current regulations.
  • Full proficiency in the Italian language, which will be assessed by the Examination Commission during the Admission Test.
  • Perfect physical/mental health suitable for attending all the teachings, workshops, and activities planned by the Academy's curriculum.
  • Following the regulations on the right to education established for the university system (art. 11 DPR 212/05 Acting Academies - AFAM Theatre Academies), access to the International Theatre Academy has no age limits. However, for admission purposes, being under 28 years old will be considered a positive requirement.

Registration and Documents

To participate in the Admission Tests, candidates must book by phone, starting from September 6, 2023, by contacting the Educational Secretariat of the Academy, for the Introductory Interview and the Aptitude Tests which will take place at the Theatre between September 15 and October 2, 2023. Tel +343403215860 / +30 067009692.
On the same day of the Interview, the application for participation in the Announcement of Competition A.Y. 2023/2024 must be signed. The following documentation must be attached to the Admission Application to the Announcement of Competition A.Y. 2023/24:

  1. High School Diploma, also in self-certification signed according to DPR 445/2000, containing the name of the Institute, its address, the academic year of attainment, and the final grade. Or certification of equivalence for diplomas obtained abroad.
  2. Curriculum Vitae, accompanied by academic, professional, and artistic titles, in self-certification.
  3. Photocopy of the Tax Code and a valid ID card.
  4. Income certification or self-certification in case of belonging to the highest income bracket.
  5. N.4 photographs: n.2 passport size recent photos, n.1 close-up, n.1 full-length
  6. Admission Test Fee for A.Y. 2023/2024 of € 90 + € 10 membership fee.

Candidates who pass the tests must complete the registration process at the Academy by filling out the relevant application form and acceptance of the Institute Regulations, and attach:

  1. Medical Certificate of good health, issued by the general practitioner in accordance with Law 81/01 on health protection, certifying suitability for academic activities.
  2. Authorization for the publication and use of personal images according to the current privacy legislation.


Deadlines and Calendar

The "Application Form for the Admission Announcement A.Y. 2023/24" is issued by the Educational Secretariat of the Academy (Educational Secretariat) concurrently with the Aptitude Tests and the Introductory Interview.

Admission Tests
  • Applications: from September 6, 2023
  • Aptitude Tests/Interview: September 15 - October 2, 2023
  • Preparatory Course: October 2 - 12, 2023
  • Performance Tests: October 12, 2023
Candidates unable to attend the Preparatory Course must independently prepare the Performance Tests and present themselves on October 12, 2023, as External Candidates.
Performance Tests
  • Acting test: dialogue or monologue
  • Poetic Acting Test
  • Physical Expressiveness Test: movement sequence
  • Vocal Expressiveness Test: sung piece or vocal ability tests

Admission Tests

Admission includes participation in the Aptitude Tests, the Introductory Interview, the Preparatory Course from October 2 to 12, 2023, and the presentation of Performance Tests on October 12, 2023.

1st Phase - Aptitude Tests and Introductory Interview

Starting from September 6, the Candidate must arrange, by telephone or email, with the Educational Secretariat an appointment between September 15 and October 4, 2023 to take:

  • The Aptitude Tests for coordination, rhythm, and prosody
  • The Introductory Interview to evaluate predisposition, personality, and general culture of the Candidate

2nd Phase - Preparatory Course

The Preparatory Course is aimed at preparing for the Performance Tests and allows evaluating the potential, learning times and methods of the Candidates.

Candidates, divided into different sections, can participate in the Preparatory Course from Monday, October 2 to Thursday, October 12, 2023.

The Course requires a daily commitment of 3/8 hours per day of lessons.

The schedule for each section, within the time slot 9.00/20.00, and the venue will be communicated to the prospective students in the days immediately preceding the start of the Course itself.

Candidates will have the opportunity to interact with the Teachers of different disciplines: movement, voice, acting, and diction who will support the prospective students in preparing for the Admission Tests on October 12, 2023.

Candidates unable to attend the Preparatory Course must independently prepare the Performance Tests and present themselves on October 12, 2023 as External Candidates.

3rd Phase - Performance Tests on October 12, 2023.

This phase will take place at the Teatro Anfitrione - Via di San Saba 24 - Rome

  1. Interpretation test: memorized dialogue in Italian between one of the following texts chosen by the Teacher during the introductory interview: “Trouble in the Works” and “This is Your Problem” by H. Pinter, “Delirium for Two” and "The Bald Soprano" by E. Ionesco. Or monologue in Italian between: “Monologue of King Bérenger I”, “Monologue of Queen Marguerite” from “Exit the King” by E. Ionesco. (Download the file)
  2. Poetic acting test: memorized poem in Italian between one of the following texts chosen by the Teacher during the introductory interview: “Fresh Air” by P. Eluard, “I Don’t Want to Die” by B. Vian, “The Plague” by A. Camus and “Cry for Mourning” by J. Tardieu. (Download the file)
  3. Physical expressiveness test: movement sequence to music.
  4. Vocal expressiveness test: sung piece to music or vocal ability tests.

Candidates must come to the Admission Tests with a valid ID.
Candidates are recommended to wear black clothing.
Candidates must memorize the pieces and scenes proposed.

The Examination Committee, appointed by the Director of the Academy, determines the criteria for assessing the Candidates' suitability for Admission.

At the end of the Admission Tests, the results of the Admission Announcement A.Y. 2022/2023 will be displayed by posting on the Academic Notice Board at the "Circo Massimo" educational site.
The decision of the Examination Committee is final.
Suitable Candidates must complete the registration process at the International Academy of Theatre - School of Acting Rome by Monday, October 16, 2023.
Classes will start on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.
In December, at the end of the theatrical performance phase, students will have the opportunity to discontinue their studies. Similarly, the Faculty may evaluate the advisability of continuing the studies for each student, based on the grades obtained.



Academic Membership Fees for the 1st Year A.Y. 2023/2024

The Academic Membership Fees will be paid in two installments:

by October 16, 2023 € 850

by December 21, 2023 based on ISE income brackets:

ISE from € 0 to € 16,000
ISE from € 16,000 to € 35,000
ISE from € 35,000 to € 48,000
ISE over € 48,000


Admission to the International Academy of Theatre

For admission to the International Academy of Theatre, School of Acting Rome, whose educational path is in line with the best Acting Academies in Italy and with institutions recognized by AFAM (THEATRE SCHOOLS / ACTING ACADEMIES / AFAM SCHOOLS AND ACADEMIES), it is important that the acting students of the acting course have a good literary culture, read, attend theatre, and frequent auteur cinema; that they are able to work in a group, capable of comparing ideas, opinions, and critiques. (CINEMA / THEATRE / TV) Fundamental in the realm of theatre and entertainment is the attitude to listen, flexibility in approach and in creative choices, the ability to put oneself out there, bringing out one's talent through patient, tenacious, and passionate work. The final admission to the Theatre School Academy of Acting Rome is at the indisputable judgment of the Faculty Council. (ACTING ACADEMIES ITALY / THEATRE SCHOOLS EU)