Acting Academy

Scuola Teatro Roma

The International Academy of Theater welcomes students from all over the world, forming young professionals capable of responding to the increasingly competitive and diversified needs of the international theater and film panorama.

The Academic Diploma of 1st Level in Acting A.Y. 2022/2023, equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree for competition purposes according to Law 228/12, involves an intense and articulated study plan for the professional preparation of theater actors, dramatic actors, researchers, experimenters, and film actors, with particular reference to live performance.

The educational project, spread over three years of study with 5/8 hours of lessons per day, aims to train complete artists capable of pushing beyond the boundaries of language: from drama theater to physical theatre, from film acting and immersion to the new frontiers of digital and visual art, from humor to dramatic art. The educational project also includes the study of directing, screenwriting, and production orientation in an artistically ever-evolving scenario.

During the years of study, students will be required to take theoretical/practical exams: covering topics from Theater History to Film and Television Acting, from Commedia dell'Arte to Legislation and Performance Production, from Acting in English to Voice Education, from Improvisation to Singing, from Comedy to Elizabethan Theater, from Dramaturgy to Theater Dance, following the Stanislavski-Strasberg method.

Pedagogical Model
EU Theatre Academies and Schools

The International Academy of Theatre, School of Acting, pursuant to art. 11 DPR 212/2005, which defines the characteristics of High Artistic Training Institutions eligible to issue Academic Diplomas, is structured following an innovative pedagogical model:

  • Three academic years with full-time study and practice hours.
  • Acting, both dramatic and comedic, starts with the study of art theater, prose, character immersion, and extends to dynamic acting in visual arts and figure theater.
  • Scenic languages (voice, music, movement) are addressed both technically and in function of the scenic action.
  • Theatrical academic acting is conceived as a foundation for all types of acting, but aligning with job market developments, the Academy includes "acting" workshops and specific stages for on-camera acting.
  • Great value is placed on the creative process of individual and group work with the aim of acquiring an original and personalized artistic autonomy. The ability to work in the field of directorial theater is also developed, promoting the creation and production of theater aimed at creating self-produced structures in terms of artistic and organizational aspects.
  • The study of direction is also directed towards cinema and audiovisual fields through filming techniques, the application of new technologies, a productive approach, and the creation of short artistic projects in this area.
  • The performances are inspired by educational themes: the Academy thus offers students the opportunity to complete their training on stage and at the same time promote their visibility.
  • The study of theoretical subjects such as: The history of theater and performance, and Organization and promotion of the sector also helps to better position one's professionalism in the job market.
  • The work on theatrical and cinematic direction and screenplay is theoretical/practical and is addressed only after an interpretative path, in the final phase of training.
  • Cultural and attitudinal requirements required of student actors:
    - good literary, theatrical and cinematic culture
    - ability to work in a team, exchange ideas, opinions, and critiques
    - aptitude for listening, flexibility in approach and creative choices.

Specialization Directions of "Theatre Academies - Theatre Schools Italy - Acting Academies Rome"

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3 - Analysis and Decomposition of Movement - Mime Technique - Contemporary Dance:
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4 - Comic Phenomenon Courses:
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