Cinzia Alitto

Use of voice and diction, verses and prose

At the age of only 12 she started her artistic training studying in Turin with the master Iginio Bonazzi who, after a thorough work on diction and phonetics, began her study of acting, working especially on classical theater and poetry. After graduating from high school she graduated in Law and she graduated as an actress at the school of the Teatro Stabile di Torino working with Ugo Gregoretti. Later she graduated in dubbing with Marco Mori at the Fonoroma in Rome, she attended mime and interpretative technique internships in the art comedy with Roberto Petrolini in Milan and Turin, poetic reading workshops with Oreste Lionello in Rome, stages on voice and breathing with the well known Oskar Schindler phoniatrist, further workshops on movement and voice with Gustavo Frigerio as well as some monothematic studies on the theatrical work of important authors such as Garcìa Lorca, Mallarmé and Pirandello. Her passion for acting arts led her to deepen the techniques of psychotechnics and improvisation and she attended multi-year stages on the Strasberg Method with Susan Strasberg, multi-year stages on the Stanislavskiy System with Dominique De Fazio and on Grotowski's theater with Giorgio Locatelli. Her commitment as a theatrical actress sees her struggling with authors such as Luigi Pirandello, Carlo Goldoni Albert Camus, Jean Girardoux, Arold Pinter, Henrik Ibsen, Stephane Mallarmé, Federico Garcìa Lorca, William Shakespeare, Jaen Cocteau, Aristophanes, Euripides. Among the best-known directors who directed it are Ugo Gregoretti, Ileana Ghione, Iginio Bonazzi, Enzo Garinei, Gianni Mantesi, Bruno Gambarotta, Fernando Balestra, Franco Passatore, Carlo Di Stefano, Francesco Anzalone, Anna Bolens, Bianca Maria Mazzoleni, Stefano Dionisi, Massimiliano Milesi and Fabrizio Bolaffio. The great Maestro Pietro Garinei wanted him as an assistant for the preparation and training of some well-known actors in his plays and still collaborates with the "Sistina" theater in Rome. She teaches diction and phonetics, acting and interpretative technique, psychotechnics and improvisation at various acting schools in Rome including the "Ribalte" directed by Enzo Garinei and the "Lim" training school for the musical already directed by Rossana Casale and currently by Raffaella Misiti. She is a lecturer in high-level courses in diction, phonetics and communication at Public Administration Schools, she is an acting coach at some theatrical productions for prose and musical shows. She works in some TV dramas like “Il bello delle donne” directed by Maurizio Ponzi, “Avvocati” directed by Giorgio Ferrara, “Mamma per caso” directed by c Sergio Martino, “Dottoressa Giò” directed by Filippo Di Luigi; she works in the cinema with Pupi Avati and Massimo Martella. She directs shows and periodically she is on stage with his show of music and poetry "The music of thoughts". Periodically she takes care of and realizes theatrical workshops throughout Italy.