Roberto Andolfi

Interpretation, use of the voice and diction

He began his theatrical training at the age of 14 studying with the director Filippo D'Alessio and working in particular on classical texts and on the use of voice; in 2008 he graduated as an "Actor" at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro. He deepens his study as an actor attending internships and workshops such as: Stage of Literacy at the Commedia dell'Arte held by Manuel Fiorentini, Stage "La rosa bianca" held by Maurizio Donadoni, Stage on Respiration and Dizione held by Stefano Lantufi, Stage of diction and acting held by Cinzia Mirasolo, Course on the Theater of the Absurd held by Manuel Fiorentini, Choral singing course held by dr. Stefano Cucci, Stage of Comedy Theater held by Pierre Byland. Since 2003 he has acted with various Theatrical companies and in various shows including: "Il mio infinito" by E.Dickinson directed by F.D'Alessio, "Le Intellettuali" by Molière, directed by F.D'Alessio as part of the project "Theatrical Walks" promoted by the Province of Rome, "Arlecchino servitore di due Padroni", "La Serata A Colono" by E. Morante directed by F.D'Alessio, "Cyranó" by E.Rostand, "Romeo e Giulietta", directed by R.Mancini, "La Cantatrice Calva" by E.Ionesco directed by M.Fiorentini, "Le visioni di Prospero" and "Tivúcumprá" directed by S. Marcotullio, "Mostro!" written and directed by M.Fiorentini, "Aire" by M.Paciotti, "Crash Flight" by M.Paciotti. Since 2009 he teaches at the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro" today "Accademia Internazionale di Teatro" Scenic report techniques, Techniques of the comic, Prosody and narratology. He is director of several shows including: "Yerma", "Per chi suona la campana", "Il resto è silenzio…", "Favolerie ... e non ...". Since 2008 he has toured Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany with the show "Clownarchia", of which he is a director and is a leading actor in the show "Shakespeare's Tales" directed by R.Mancini. In 2012 he presented at the theater "La Vittoria" of Ostra the show "Come un pesce nell’acqua frizzante" of which he edited writing and direction. In 2014 he founded, with Annarita Colucci and Adriano Dossi Illoco Teatro, starting a research work on contemporary theatrical language and on the scenic movement. For the company Illoco teatro he writes and directs the shows "Cùntami", "Fantasia portami via", "La versione di Shlomo" and "Le voci" (also presented at the Almada Festival in Portugal), "Pensieri su ciò che è mio" and "Binario 2" with which he participates in important national and international contemporary theater festivals From 2015 he collaborates with the Department of Performing Arts and Sciences of the University of Rome La Sapienza, for which in 2017 he holds a Master on theater teaching and a course on comedy and humor.