Deianira Dragone

Epic interpretation, improvisation techniques

She began her theatrical journey by participating in various training courses including: '94 experimental theater stage with Catie Marchand of the Living Theater; '95 theater-dance stage with Lindsay Kemp; stage of diction and acting with Clarizio Di Ciaula. During the training phase, she worked as an actress with the Compagnia di Teatro delle Vigne of Genoa until 1996. In '97 she follows the stage of body expression "Per ricordare a giocare" held by Gerard Tupinier (Castellana Grotte); in '99 she graduated at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro of Rome, two-year professional training course for Actor; Body expression stage held by Hal Yamanouchi; teacher training course held by Josef Marmsoler and Sigrid Federspiel at the Center for Harmonic Development of Man (Assisi); in 2000 Professional training course at Bont's International School (Ibiza); 2001 workshop the vocal body with Yves Le Breton at the Teatro Club of Catania; Subjects and forms in space with Didier Gallot Lavallée (Actor-Production Designer of the French Royal de Luxe Company). In 2008 she participates in a dance and body expression course held by Michela Lucenti, 2011 seminar on staging with Danio Manfredini 2012 drama workshop held by Maurizio Schmidt, teacher of the school of dramatic art Paolo Grassi. Since 2004 he teaches at the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro" today "Accademia Internazionale di Teatro" epic acting and improvisation techniques. In 2000 she founded the cultural association Il Duende of which she is president. Since 2002 she has held theater courses collaborating with various public institutions such as: the University of Bari and the Department of Education of Brescia. Meanwhile she continues her activity as an actress who sees her collaborating with several theater companies: (Teatro Club di Catania, Aenigma Theater of Urbino, Kismet Opera Theater of Bari) and with several directors including Carlo Formigoni, where he performs in shows: "Il Cerchio di gesso" (from the work of Bertold Brecht) and “Cappuccetto Rosso". She writes, directs and interprets several shows that he presented in 2006 to the expedition of Theater without Borders in Laos and Cambodia and in 2007 in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and from 2008 to 2011 in numerous Italian theater festivals. From 2007 she began working with the company Teatro Kismet Opera (Bari) and performed throughout Italy with the show "Storie di Streghe", "Il Gatto con gli stivali" and "Bones" (directed by L.Zotti), " La Principessa sul Pisello ", (directed by L.Zotti)," Badù re anzi leone "(directed by L.Zotti). In 2013, with the company Il Duende, she is the author and interpreter of the theatrical show "Io mangio". In 2014, with the international company "La Santa Rodilla" she is an actress in the theatrical show "Manologias".