Emmanuel Gallot Lavallée

Mime, White Pantomime, Gestural Theater, Interpretation and Improvisation Techniques

He attended the School of "Jacques Lecoq" in Paris from '76 to '80, graduating as "Actor" and in "Theater Pedagogy". He moved to Switzerland where he taught up to ‘82 stage improvisation at the Dimitri’s School. He returned to Paris and specialized in "Analysis of the character" and on the "Comedy Theater of Art". In 1981 he created the Compagnia Internazionale di Teatro in Paris with Silvia Marcotullio. From 1982 to 1988 he is an actor and directs the Company, playing in the most significant shows: '84 "Adamo ed Eva"; '85 "Concerto per pentola"; '86 "La Creazione del mondo"; '87 "Racconti et piano"; '88 "Sepultae res"; '89 - '90 "Waterloo"; '94 - '96 "King Lear"; '97 "Delirium"; '98 “Le Jeu: Conference - Show "; presented in Europe in the main international festivals and events. In 1984 with Silvia Marcotullio he founded and directs the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro". The school is sponsored by the City of Rome, the French Cultural Center and the Embassy of France and is subsequently recognized by the Ministry of Entertainment, the Lazio Region, the European Union and, since 2008, is part of the European Training Programs Actor (Syllabi for the Actor European Training) with the EU Level 4 Actor Qualification. He also specialized in '95 in "Relaxation Techniques and Martial Arts" at the "Dojo Zen" in Rome, in 1997 he traveled to India exactly in Rishikesh where he will deepen the study of "Zen Practices", the "Martial Arts", "Indian epic theater: study of the Mahabharata" (narrative analysis and myth P. Brook). Since 2004 he has directed L'Ecole des Clowns - Street theater company (clown and music). He organizes seminars and workshops in Rome on the theme of gestural theaters and street works with La Banda del Testaccio. In 2005 he writes and publishes with Editions les deux oceans Paris: "Clown Celeste, ovvero: la conoscenza del teatro come conoscenza dei teatri interiori". The book is also published in Peru (Ediciones Solar, Lima 2009) and in Italy (Editions Cartman - Karma Collection). From 84 to today he directs seminars, internships and workshops for professional training and specialization in Italy and abroad, for actors, cultural operators and teachers, including the most significant: 1992 and 1993 FSE course for "Actor specialized in theatrical techniques "And" Comedy and characters "; in 2005 he directed theatrical teaching seminars at the "La Catolica" University of Lima (Peru) on the “Miti e storie dei quattro continenti". Also in Peru he participates in the "Urubamba Theater Festival" with shows and a conference-show on the theme "The Anthropological Theater show". He also directs training courses for doctors and health workers: "Clown de hospital". In 2006 and 2007 he directed the theatrical training courses for "Il Comic Lab" by Serena Dandini on: "Stage Presence, the Melodrama, the Commedia dell'Arte, the theater of the Absurd, the Surrealism and the colors" that conclude with the staging of "L'Attore in scena" and "Lacrime e violini" presented at the Municipal Theater. In 2007 and 2008 he directed the theatrical laboratory in collaboration with the Associations "Alice nel mondo" and "Ridere per vivere" making the documentary film: "Quando i Rom avevano le ali". From 2008 to 2012 he collaborates in Lima (Peru) with the Keto Company and teaches at the Troisi National School of Florence. From 2012 to 2015 the formation of street clowns continues with the Circo d'Abruzzo, participating with clownish and theatrical interventions in the various summer events. He directs "Ecole des Clowns" in Italy and abroad: workshops and seminars on the art of the clown. In June 2015 he directed a workshop on breathing techniques aimed at staging a show presented at the Circomondo festival of San Gimignano (Siena) - International Festival of Social Circus. Between 2010 and 2013 he published the books "Che cosa è un clown", "Un clown alla ricerca di Dio", "Scuola di teatro scuola di vita", "L’albero di Boh - Storie Zen", "L’Arte del clown” (Cartman Editions), "Diario di un clown" (Meef Editions), "Una vita da clown" and "Il pellegrinaggio di un clown" (Editori Riuniti). In 2016 he published with Meef Editore "Piccoli racconti spirituali" and "Angeli con le ali verdi"; presents the conference - "L’Arte di meravigliarsi" show in Rome at the Furio Camillo Theater and the cultural center Artemia and in a tour that involves Puglia and Northern Italy. In 2017 he created the company-workshop for homeless "Angeli Scaduti" recognized by the ASL of Roma Trastevere; holds a course of pantomime and stories for the children of the school complex the Albuccione of Guidonia Montecelio; the Circus d'Abruzzo seminars continue; follows the direction of the Street Theater show "... E nacque l’universo!"; conducts several seminars on the topic of Pantomime and Gestural Theater in the cities of: Turin, Bologna, Potenza, Genoa, Florence, Carbonia, Treviso, Trieste; in September 2017 he conducts a training course at the University of Florence on the subject of hospital communication.