Tiziana Santercole

Music, Singing, Solfege and reading the score and Reading Techniques

She graduated in 1993 in Music Theory and Solfege spoken and sung at the Luigi Canepa Music Conservatory of Sassari. At the same institute, she studied choral singing with the director of the polyphonic choir L. Canepa of Sassari. In 2000 she graduated as "Actress" and "Assistant-Theater Director" at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro of Rome; she studied polyphonic singing at the "Coro Guinizelli" directed by maestro Alberto Antinori in Rome. She deepens the study on comedy and comic timing and graduates from the Bont's International School in Ibiza in 2002. In Spain, in 2003, she attended the dance stage "Conctact improvisation" held by Encarna de las Heras In 2004 she took part in the workshops on "Parodic buffoon" and on the "comic theater" held by Emmanuel Gallot Lavallè. In 2009 she graduated in D.A.M.S. at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in Rome 3, and in 2010 she followed the Master "Writing, translation and communication in the professions of the web, cinema and television". In 2011 she attended a dubbing course with Leslie La Penna. Since 2001 she teaches at the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro" today "Accademia Internazionale di Teatro" singing and musical literacy. She specializes at the Tor Vergata University in teaching singing and musical composition, following the courses Theory and analysis of music, Harmony and counterpoint and Psychology of music. In 2012 she held the History of Dance and Mime at the CEPU University Studies Center. Since 2002 she has been conducting theatrical workshops in some lower secondary schools, in Rome such as "I. Swabian "and" Momsen "and she teaches vocation and voice education at the cultural association" Genti e Paesi "of Rome. In 2005 she worked as an actress in various theatrical performances including "Oresteia 21" at the India theater in Rome, "Cinemelò" at the Verdi theater in Sassari, "Macbeth kills - a grotesque tale" and she founded together with Marco Paciotti and Lorenzo Pasquali the Ondadurto Teatro company. Since 2000 she is an actress in the shows: 2005 "Un Certo Signor De Molière" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Vita di Galileo" (directed by I. Danovaro), 2006 "Felliniana" (directed by M.Paciotti) 2008 " Drom ... a forza di essere vento "(directed by M.Paciotti and L.Pasquali) 2009" Orlando Furioso "(directed by M.Paciotti), 2010" Pulcinella va alla guerra "(directed by M. Paciotti)," Fomato famiglia"(directed by S. Scaramella and M.Giovannetti)," Il segreto del bosco vecchio "(by G. Davino), 2013" Donne e mafia" (directed by S. De Nichilo).